Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ergonomics and Adaptive Technology

Ergonomics, the science of work, or more specifically, the science of determining the most natural positions for work, applies to everyone. However, for those with disabilities, finding the most ergonomic positions is not always easy. Many of these individuals need adaptive technology to help them adjust to the best position for them. Here are some resources to companies and products (from low tech to high tech) that just might help these individuals be more comfortable.

Rifton - This company makes an assortment of products to help individuals be more mobile.
Laptop Laidback - For those more comfortable flat on their back, this company provides a solution for laptop usage in this position.
Heads-Up - A simple low tech solution for helping individuals with poor muscle tone keep their heads up.
Wenzelite Rehab - Mobility and seating solutions so that individuals can participate equally.
FlagHouse - Lots of solutions for those with special needs, but here is a simple solution to scissors for those children who can't manipulate them. It's called Adapt-a-cut.
Onion Mountain Technology - Specializing in low tech adaptive technology, these pencil grippers might be just the thing to improve writing in a classroom. For more great ideas, see also LoTTIE kits (Low Tech Tools for Inclusive Education - a collection of low and mid tech tools designed for teachers, classroom aides, and support professionals to use with K-12 students who have special needs).

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