Monday, October 12, 2009

Handy Dandy Browser & Collection Tools

Part 2 of this week's assignment is to share with you some handy tools that I have found to be useful in my own online experience. So here goes...

Browser Add-ons
1. Web of Trust - tells you which sites are secure and which ones are risky. It's really easy to use and very clear to interpret.
2. CoolPreview - gives you a preview of links before you open them. Only available for Firefox.
3. Sidebar - I realized I didn't mention the reason that I sync my Diigo bookmarks to delicious. It's because I have this great sidebar add-on that lets me search and browse all of my links without leaving the browser window.

Online Storage Sites
1. Amazon S3 - Cheap, cheap, cheap! That is the biggest benefit. The downside - it's pretty complicated to use. You have install the S3 Firefox Organizer to really make it functional.
2. iBackup - This is where I keep the majority of my important files even though it's more expensive than Amazon S3 it's MUCH easier. You can even set an automatic backup schedule so you don't have to worry about your files.

Directories of Useful Data & Other Stuff
1. While not a traditional bookmarking service, Digg lets you save news media articles in a central location.
2. BibMe - A great site for bookmarking all your citations. You can look up the journal, article, website, etc... and it creates the citation in MLA or APA format. It will let you save lists of citations for future reference. I usually save lists by class.
3. PocketKnowledge - In case you don't already know about this, PocketKnowledge is TC's repository of intellectual property that you create. Check it out! Here is the link to my IP.

For more great links, check out two blog posts that I wrote in the Spring.
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