Wednesday, December 2, 2009

All About Boardmaker

Boardmaker is a new software tool that was introduced to me recently. Unfortunately, it is not free but I was able to use it with a semesterware license. The idea behind Boardmaker is that you can help students by presenting information visually and associating it with words to help them learn.

I remember that my cousin Josh used boards similar to this when he was younger to help him communicate what he wanted or needed. I definitely see the benefit that this assistive technology can bring to students and others with disabilities.

Our assignment for Boardmaker was to create a "Memory" game for visual discrimination. We had to select an object and make 2 sets of 10 images that were varied in one way or another: rotated, flipped, color change, lines added, etc. I choose a Tennis theme because I could easily visualize the racket and ball in numerous positions. I also thought that this board could be easily adapted to discuss various tennis terms like overhand, backhand, net shot, practice, and love by simply changing the word "Tennis" above the image to the appropriate term. Here is a picture of what my Board looked like:

If you want to get started with Boardmaker, and are lucky enough to have access to the software, here are some tutorials that might help:
Remember, you can always use low-tech options if you don't have access to software or other technology devices!

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